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February 13, 2006

Brisbane Council fix-o-gram when they are good and ready

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Since I always get a slow, poor and no response from council especially on matters that put pedestrians lives in danger or reduce pedestrians access for example I was told many years ago that plaques would be laid to work out where cafe tables and chairs can be place in Boundary St and yet years later nothing has been done and pedestrians still have reduced access.

Maybe Council new service fix-o-gram should be called ‘fix-o-gram when we are good and ready and even then if we are willing to do anything’.


Community groups happy with council?

Filed under: General,Local Councils,The Community — mypointofview @ 3:46 pm

In getting no response, a slow response and a poor response from community groups especially in The West End area of Brisbane I guess these groups are very happy with Local Councils especilly and what Council is doing for the community.

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